Thursday, September 20, 2007

Chris Malto is a texan

So it was Chris Malto 's going away party and we all had to go back out to LV for one last weird field partyRH
Bryson eating some shit
Lovell was there for the aftermath and Bryson was destined to attempt to maybe get rowdy with him
Lovell was pissed

Bryson going with the ol reliable CLAW

Weston gettin weird
Feelin it!
Chris blew it trying to jump over the fire and managed to somehow fall into some of it. Hella on point!
This was right after he went on some barge grabbing peoples drinks out of their hand and just chugging them. I saw him do atleast 3 maybe 4.
Looks like it was worth it!Chris providing the fuel for the fire!
SATANIC SATANISTS OR JUST some jews? Either way chris ended up throwing even more cool shit in the fire
Atleast i managed to step in some shit!
Saw this beast on the way home. I could seriously see tim chilen owning one of these in the near future
"this weekend was hella sick..." -Philip

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

foot powder

I created this monster!

Get Down!

Bryson's dog looks like a poormans Pancho. Looks like my dog if he was put into a dryer and shrunk and got punched in the face a shitload.
I eat lunch with this dude brett every other day at school and its pretty fuckin tight. Here he is killin it during break with his parents
Clay and i
Mark McGuire was in town and im pretty sure i spelt his name wrong
Went to Rod's office the other day... Pretty sick!
Good ol dreams breaking the rules
Dan fanning out via his new iphone
Some new spot in K.C
Dougs old I.D was the shit. Looks like he could of been in a Disney movie back in the day
Gable layin it down!
R.P found this lucky piece of nature.
Dont let the 4 leaf clover fool you... you dont want to be at parallel when the street lights go off

Looks like i need to invest in that krew bullet proof vest

Monday, September 3, 2007

Workin' for the Weekend

H5K with some of Avenue X's finest threads
H5K was telling me that this shirt was perfect for him when he trys to switch 180 H&R gap.
Cat Stevens is a Poor mans Brett from Flight of the Conchords
Remember how buttery this movie poster was!
Max did a pretty legit wrapping job
"Lets go back to Lawrence...!"-Max Chilen
"thanks soooOOoOOo much dudess!"-rod
I saw this gem on Hunters wall in his room. The guy who shot this photo really caught lovell and his camera in the most intimate moments together. Looks like he's gonna make a move on the camera.
Some of the more pricey purchases. Kind of a step up from Kentucky deluxe and Wild turkey whiskey.

Ryan wasn't even bummed this was happening

hellllllllllllllllla ovs' it
Rod was gettin pumped!
all the chones
Prepping for the party

Party van in one of its finest moments
Thanks T.K

Liquid pumpkin pie

It was a rough night for me
Taco Johns finally put Max on the flow team and this is his first package. I was jealous...
Hopefully you see KOB very soon because this juice box shows exactly what he currently looks like.