Thursday, September 20, 2007

Chris Malto is a texan

So it was Chris Malto 's going away party and we all had to go back out to LV for one last weird field partyRH
Bryson eating some shit
Lovell was there for the aftermath and Bryson was destined to attempt to maybe get rowdy with him
Lovell was pissed

Bryson going with the ol reliable CLAW

Weston gettin weird
Feelin it!
Chris blew it trying to jump over the fire and managed to somehow fall into some of it. Hella on point!
This was right after he went on some barge grabbing peoples drinks out of their hand and just chugging them. I saw him do atleast 3 maybe 4.
Looks like it was worth it!Chris providing the fuel for the fire!
SATANIC SATANISTS OR JUST some jews? Either way chris ended up throwing even more cool shit in the fire
Atleast i managed to step in some shit!
Saw this beast on the way home. I could seriously see tim chilen owning one of these in the near future
"this weekend was hella sick..." -Philip

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