Wednesday, August 29, 2007


"Lets go to Lawrence!" -Max Chilen. The only goal was to stay at some fucked up place and be twizted before 7p.m
Open house
Rods new trick he has finally perfected. Watch out for it soon

Lovell setting new standards in the art of filming
Come up!
Rod contemplating on which gear to wear.
Doug working his magic
Hung out with the 17 yr old version of R.P
Max punting empty beer cans over the mega stone wall
Ryan Lovell and Thee Wes Reeves party it up together more than you think
Watched rough copy the other day. Saw this little J in lovell's thank you's

He's still feelin bummed from that thank you section. Or maybe its just the haunted Love seat that has him down???
Dag all up in that shit. We had a party gator instead of the standard party van to the royals game.
Add this to your list of things to do before you die: Go to a royals game with Tim Chilen. Now all i have to do is go to a K-state game with the Chilens
Finally went to a Royals winning game. Shit was nuts, i even caught some sunflower seeds from those kooks that freak out and throw free shit out in between innings.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Naughty blew out his hand again the other day at penn valleyHis father is a surgeon so of course its in the mans blood to fix his wound.
Atleast he wrote this epic letter to Thrasher when he was in high school. He said the rest of the letter he just talked about how Herman had the best hardflips in the biz. It also wouldnt hurt if his car made an appearance on PimpMyRide

Monday, August 20, 2007

!WaRpEd ToUr!

On our way to the warped tour to just blow it all day and see all the bands we don't even know or care about. At least it wasn't hot as tits!
I saw this and felt sick and wondered how in the fuck this happened. Their were two other trash cans completely full also.

This is what max looks like in Canada's eyes
Some dude from the flogging molly's is into beer!
try to find the couple nailing using this empty condom package i found near this refuge camp

Max was over that book
Weston was there skating the mini ramp contest then afterwards he kicked it with us and ended up making out with 4 or 5 random chicks walking by in a matter of 10 minutes. The kid kills it even harder off the stuntwood.
Tony was there!
Lovell almost got slammed in the drunk tank for giving joel the smallest sip that couldnt even get Joseph Chilen drunk. Here's the on point remake of the scenario.Switch Rob saved Ryan from the fuzz and proceeded to get him piss drunk! Robs sick!
Max told me earlier in the day that he had to get a babes number before the day was over. I watched him get twisted all day and then sure enough he got the job done on the way out. 1st try... no looks... no bails...
Dont worry max WAs hella DONE!
Lovell clocking out of drinking

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Last bits of Atlanta

The biggest mall in the south is home to the very interesting ipod vending machine.
Aarons grammar can blow my mind sometime
My Hella tight wheelsWent in to pick up a fresh T but sizes start at 2 XL . Aint that some shit

By the end of the trip R.P looked like he got hit by a car a few timesHe even managed to break his thump on the stalefish below! Surgery on tuesday!The trick before this stalefish would have killed most people.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Atlantas full of Snakes and Heat

Arthur perped getting this weird Pentagram A tattoo symbolizing his Name and His love for the darkside
We get to the place and arthur sketches out the design and the tattoo artist looks baffled and confused so he switches things up a bit

The tattoo guy said if he ever got kicked off just come back and he can turn that into a sick 8 ball tattoo.