Sunday, July 29, 2007

Some shit from the weakend

Murph just got upgraded

Aaron thought he got a six pack of 12.oz cans but to his surprise they were tallboys. You can tell he is a rookie drinker by the dumbfounded look

Lovell lit that shit up!

The 21 and up club
brad managed to roll through to fuck some shit up
Muff was the only one in the pool at this point and White wedding was blasting and if you glanced down at him from the balcony it looked like a scene from some 80's movie in which he told his parents to fuck off and he skipped school that day to just get drunk in the pool
this suckd
Really had a Blackout!
Next day we shipped murphy back to CO and hit up the picnic at amy park
This kid rips and blows it at the same time. Last time i saw him he had a much smaller bike but still managed to lose control and slam into my car. Then i see him with this big ass whip. 5 minutes after this he got on a board and slipped out and hit some dudes van and set off the Loud ass alarm, that shit ripped!Came up on 2 bucks right after i took this photo of Bryson
here you go a-smith this photo blows

"thats some AVP shit right there!" -Kevlar Dreams

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bitch get off Meh!

Murphy has been in town for the past week .

Here is the Oh so tough list that NSB FrOm CRC gave muff to accomplish. Needless to say this is no easy task.

Hey atleast he got to hit up a royals game in which we proceeded to get smoked by the Yankees.

Rod "tried" to get tanked before the game but...

He finished this and didnt look phased so i said " You drunk yet Rod?" He casually replied, " I don't get drunk."
Atleast the Chilens hooked it up with HeLLa buttery seats. Most people I've ever seen at a royals game yet.
Took that denver bitch to Panchos to join the cult
R.P hooked up Lovells car free of charge
Dont worry Doug is still killin it!
I'll end it with another 2nd string photographer photo. The Indian in the cupboard gettin all tribal!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Here is Ryan Lovell helpin me out with a "Life Hammer". He signed me up for 2 courses a JUCO but i have to more left to pick so i havent landed the hammed yet. I guess you could say i bailed one try and stuck it on second. Im still rolling up as we speak.
The streets of KCK are safe... well atleast in a sexual way
Barge even managed to eat a glue stick

Finally got to kick it with the Barge in LV this past weekend and he was doing just that at all times.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Jus sum shit!

i forgot who used to rep this for malto but the shits ABD.

Hopefuly the cali footy he's been comin up on is as buttery as his kc Mallets

Where the fuck is J malto?

Max is in denver dissecting every sledge hammer episode known to man

Went up to lawrence last night for Party Bren's 21st birthday but i knew there was another reason to go to lawrence. I found some Gems... The D3's!

Take a moment and relapse on all the Funbags you have encountered in your life.
My personal favorite

Neon was Neon. " When i start to dance i just cant stop!" -Shawn "the yellow dart" Strange
Breaking himself? or break dancing?

Thomas was there eye fucking every chic in sight!
Overall success

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Naughty's senior photo

Let me update murphy since he reads this and is worrying about everyone in Kansas

Everyone is still friends

Oh yah and i'm also a second string photographer

Things are Great

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Trying to figure this shit out so i can easily embarrass everyone on a daily basis.