Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Get Down!

Bryson's dog looks like a poormans Pancho. Looks like my dog if he was put into a dryer and shrunk and got punched in the face a shitload.
I eat lunch with this dude brett every other day at school and its pretty fuckin tight. Here he is killin it during break with his parents
Clay and i
Mark McGuire was in town and im pretty sure i spelt his name wrong
Went to Rod's office the other day... Pretty sick!
Good ol dreams breaking the rules
Dan fanning out via his new iphone
Some new spot in K.C
Dougs old I.D was the shit. Looks like he could of been in a Disney movie back in the day
Gable layin it down!
R.P found this lucky piece of nature.
Dont let the 4 leaf clover fool you... you dont want to be at parallel when the street lights go off

Looks like i need to invest in that krew bullet proof vest

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